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How it works

It’s simple, fast, realisable and fair!  

Step 1: Create your Unique ID (an ID which is like your identity, and cannot be duplicated or modified).

Step 2:  send your offer to the candidate.

Step 3:  Candidate will accept / reject the offer within 48 Hours.

Step 4:  Employer and candidate notified of this action.

Step 5:  Candidate review score generated based on his action.





Step 1

Register using your Email &  PAN/Aadhaar Card.

Auto Verification

Step 2

Your account will automatically be verified through a government approved API.

Unique ID

Step 3

Once verified, you will receive your Unique ID.

Search &  View Profile

Step 4

After  verification employer can search for the desired candidate to see the ratings & badges earned by the candidates and view his work history.

Offer Letter

Step 5

After finding the right candidate, employer can create and send the offer letter to the candidate through the portal.

Give Rating

Step 6

After successful joining by the candidate, the system will automatically generate the ratings for that candidate.


Step 1

Visit the portal and signup with your PAN Card & Email.

Get Verified

Step 2

Admin will verify the account and you will receive the confirmation email.

Get Unique ID

Step 3

After successful verification system will generate Unique id which will be sent through email.

Get Offer Letter

Step 4

After verification candidate will able to get the offer letter from employers.

Get Hired  

Step 5

After accepting the offer letter you are hired by the company and start your new job with confidence.

Get Rating

Step 6

After successful joining the company, you will get the ratings & badges from employer and improve your credibility.