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Why OfferSeal?

OfferSeal is the only platform in India which provides an automatic verification of PAN/Aadhar Card using a government linked API, captures useful data that aids companies and candidates in making decisions through a time bound three layer confirmation offer system that is not only secure but ensures a transparent process to both.

Why OfferSeal for employers?
  • Reduce cost of HR managers.
  • Eliminate the embarrassment of HR manager when candidate doesn’t join.
  • Get an instant confirmation.
  • Filter candidates in terms of intending to join versus intending to horseride.
  • Saving for your company in tune of minimum INR 5 lacs.
For Employee/Candidate.
  • Stand out from the rest for credibility, integrity.
  • Showcase the ‘Verified’ badge on resumes.
  • Transparent system for joining and resignation in system.
  • Free legal advice incase after registration.
  • Employee of the month award on social media.
Why you should join after saying I accept? 

Imagine that you have just accepted an offer from a company after you said I accept. Now you go ahead and tender your resignation to your present employer, and start making all the necessary arrangements to start your new job such as relocation, salary statement, leaving certificate, farewell party etc. You have told all of your associates and friends about the new company you are going to work for and are looking forward to your start date.

However, a day before you are to start, you get a call from the HR manager of the new company you are to join, saying that he has found someone that he would rather hire and informs you that the new job offer is stands revoked. At that moment you feel cheated, angry and ask yourself – This is just not right!

Fortunately, companies rarely do this to any candidates, most of the companies stop interviews for the same position after giving an offer as it would be legally and ethically wrong. But candidates do this to companies every day. It is estimated that out of the total hiring per annum in India 20% of them often do not join after accepting offers. Imagine the kind of work and effort that goes behind the selection of a candidate to making an offer. The below example provides the steps and cost involved: 






Cost in INR


Identify opening/fill existing

Human Resource / Middle Management

Online Resume/Consultant/References

5-7 days of work days



Database management

Human Resource / Middle Management

Online Portal etc




Interview Round 1

Middle Managers

Time Given

1-2 hours of work time



Interview Round 2

Senior Managers

Time Given

1-2 hours of work time



Travel cost






Background checks

Human Resource / Middle Management

Time Given

4-8 hours of work time



Department Targets









5,00,000 +

In the above, it is assumed that salary of Human Resource manager is around INR 40,000 per month. It is also assumed that the targets of any respective department which remain unachieved by 30-40% minimum when the candidate doesn’t join after accepting the offer as the position remains unfilled.

In the above example, a sales manager did not join whose salary was INR 40,000 PM and therefore the position remained unfilled. Historically in companies in case a person doesn’t join after accepting an offer, a minimum of 3 months is lost to shortlist and select a suitable replacement. In the current example, the target of the sales for 3 months fell short by 10% for a company whose annual sales turnover was INR 10 crore. The loss of sales for 3 months amounts to INR 25 lacs amounting to a loss of INR 1.12 lacs of interest and INR 3.75 lacs net profit (15% net margin).

Will OfferSeal harm my image?

No, the primary objective of our website is to make the world a better place for both candidates and employers. At no point do we share your personal information with any third party without your approval, neither are your profile details such as personal details, scores, reviews etc shared with anyone without your approval.  The objective is simple – a lot of information and data relating to candidates are not being captured anywhere in the world, which can be used by companies, candidates themselves and other prospective clients for a good use to make better informed decisions. OfferSeal is here to bridge that gap and create a trustworthy, yet effective way of giving OFFERS to seal the deal.

Everyone today wants more information that helps them to decide, choose and select. Hotels , resturants , cars and companies etc all are reviewed by users based on their experience, it helps those who are seeking to use these services/products to make better informed decisions. We at OfferSeal are creating a similar space for companies and candidates, where the candidates outstanding candidates can be differentiated from the average ones, the right candidates can find a suitable match based on a better statistic, candidates can achieve higher salaries for their strengths and candidates can showcase their talent by independent data and not self declaration.

Why is integrity so important in accepting or rejecting a job offer when a job offer is extended, what should I do?
  1. When you actually want the job, simply say, “I accept.” This means that you have sincerely accepted, and are not entertaining any other offers of employment, nor are you planning to use this offer to generate and accept a counteroffer from your current employer. Moreover, the most important is that when you say “I accept” it means you commit that you will join the company as per the offer letter date. 
  2. If you are excited about the offer, but are still interviewing, be honest. “Thank you for your offer, it appears to be fair and acceptable. I am waiting on another offer, though. This does not mean that I want the other offer. But, in fairness to me, I feel that I need to explore all of my options. Can I get back to you within seventy-two hours with my answer?” Believe me, the manager will appreciate your honesty, and will likely give you the seventy-two hours. Be fair with this request, and do not take more than seventy-two hours. Each day that you hold onto the offer, another day goes by that the manager cannot take action with any other candidates.
  3. If it is not the offer you want, respectfully decline the position so that the hiring manager can move to the back-up candidate.